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Alex Shearer Biography

Alex Shearer (born 25 June 1949) is a British novelist and scriptwriter. He was born in Wick, in the north of Scotland. Alex Shearer sold his first TV script at the age of 29, after a varied career of some 30 odd – some very odd – jobs.

He wrote for television, film, theatre, and radio (including plays and short stories for BBC Radio 4) for 14 years, and then devoted himself to becoming a novelist.

His 2003 novel The Speed of the Dark was shortlisted for the Guardian Children’s Fiction Prize. The Greatest Store in the World was adapted into a television film by the BBC. His novel Bootleg was adapted for a television series by the BBC and later adapted into manga and anime under its Japanese title Chocolate Underground.

(Above text reprinted under Creative Commons Licence from Wikipedia.)

Bestselling books by Alex Shearer

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