Diversity Staffing Report

Diversity Staffing Report – K-12readinglist.com

Date: January 28th, 2024.


  • K-12readinglist.com is committed to promoting diversity and inclusivity in all aspects of our operations, including our staffing. As a website that recommends children’s and teen books to schools, parents, teachers, and home educators in the United States, we recognize the importance of having a diverse and inclusive team to reflect the rich tapestry of cultures, identities, and experiences we aim to represent in our recommendations.

Staffing Overview

  • At this time, the K-12 School Reading List does not employ staff. Our team comprises our Editor, our volunteer book reviewers and freelance web developers. For privacy reasons, we do not request or store any private or personal data about our book reviewers or freelancers. Our commitment to long-term staffing in future reflects our commitment to diversity and inclusion in several key areas:

Employee Demographics

  • If and when we employ staff, we strive to maintain a diverse and inclusive workforce by actively recruiting, hiring, and retaining individuals from a wide range of backgrounds.
  • Our commitment to diversity extends to leadership and decision-making roles within the organization. We aim to ensure that underrepresented voices are well-represented in positions of influence.
  • At this time, the K-12 School Reading List features reviews and content written by writers drawn from a wide range of backgrounds and experiences, including communities positively representing underrepresented groups.

Diversity Training and Education

  • If and when we employ staff, we will prioritize the continuous education and awareness of our staff regarding diversity and inclusion. Regular training programs and workshops are conducted to foster a greater understanding of diversity issues and to promote an inclusive work environment.

Inclusive Hiring Practices

  • If and when we employ staff, our hiring process will ensure a broad pool of qualified candidates for all positions.

Supplier Diversity

  • We engage with diverse suppliers and support businesses owned by individuals from underrepresented backgrounds. This commitment extends to our partnerships and procurement practices.

Inclusivity in Decision-Making

  • If and when we employ staff, we will encourage input and feedback from our employees at all levels, promoting open dialogue regarding diversity and inclusion concerns and suggestions for improvement.

Community Engagement

  • We are actively engaged with the communities we serve and support initiatives and organizations that promote diversity and inclusion in literature, education, and society at large; especially on Social Media.


  • At K-12readinglist.com, we are proud of our commitment to diversity and inclusion in our staffing and operations. We acknowledge that diversity is a journey, and we remain dedicated to continuous improvement. Our ongoing efforts reflect our mission to provide diverse and inclusive book recommendations to our audience. We believe that fostering an inclusive environment within our organization is a crucial step toward achieving this mission.

This policy was last updated on January 28th, 2024.